Fantasy’s new additions left us Star Struck

Fantasy’s new additions left us Star Struck

Just when you think that Band Launch Season is wrapped up, apparently it cah done yet! At their cooler fete Star Struck last Friday, the band dropped 5 new sizzling sections that have masqueraders clamoring to sell or switch their costumes to jump into the mix.

Let’s start with Eyes Wide Shut; designed by Sandra Hordatt, we love the fine details of this costume. Ornate coverage of the Bikini with gems coupled with a stand out headpiece  and we see the influence of Masquerade from the movie in this concept. Get you bodies’ together ladies because this can make you look sickeningly sexy.

Kutch Kutch Hota Hai does an interesting merge of Indian aesthetics with carnival motifs using a feathered backpack and chains elegantly.  Atlantis is a sexy monokini number with vivid blue feathers that accentuate the aquatic sea-horse like headpiece. Apocalypto is a minimalist costume that clings to the body, but that body needs to be toned because there’s nothing to hide in this number.

Enter the Dragon is their show stopper, quite possibly for the entire band. The use of the purple and pink coupled with the detailed paid to the construction of the swimsuit is breath taking. The designers have created a hybrid of jewelry and monokini that uses the wearers own body to give the dragon claw shape and scales that is just stunning and the head piece can gives a sexy reptilian finish that makes the costume alluring.

Hats off to Richard Anthony Productions and Concepts on their offerings in the remaining sections. It was great to see costumes that related to the blockbuster theme so masterfully. Check online at to see the new collection for the band.

Photo credits: Gary “The Sexy” Jordan and Gary Jordan Studios.